Thankful Artwork on Cherry Cutting Board

Thankful Artwork on Cherry Cutting Board

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Thankful with an Autumn frame on a Cherry Cutting board. Engraved with Thankful Framed artwork, our Thankful Cherry cutting board is both beautiful to display and functional. This wood cutting board is perfect preparing smaller meals. Very easy to store and maintain.

Cherry - Another America’s favorite! "New England Mahogany", as called by early Colonial furniture makers, as a color similar to mahogany that darkens with age. Satiny to the touch, the grain of the cherry tree is very desirable because of its unique ripple figures and reddish brown shades. It's strong, moderately hard and has excellent shock resistance, which makes it a very good option for a cutting board. Black cherry trees grow throughout the Midwest to Eastern U.S. So classy and unique!


  • 9" x 12" x 3/4"
  • Solid Cherry
  • rounded corners
  • Design is engraved on 1 side 
  • Max Engraving - 9" W